The number of units required to achieve a desired GRP level in a market.

The distance measured along a line of travel from the point where an advertising unit first becomes fully visible to the point where the copy is
no longer readable.

Audited Circulation
The Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement (TAB) independently audits records and circulation data for outdoor advertising according to
established national procedures approved by the buyer and seller community. Similar to the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC).

Large format advertising displays intended for viewing from extended distances, generally more than 50 feet. Billboard displays include, but not
limited to: 30-sheet posters, 8-sheet posters, vinyl-wrapped posters, bulletins, wall murals and stadium/arena signage.

Poster copy that extends to the edge of a poster panel on all sides.

A standardized outdoor format commonly measuring 14’ x 48’ in overall size. Sold either as permanent displays or in rotary packages. Bulletin
copy can be rendered using hand painting techniques, computer production or printing on paper.

Cancellation Period
The time stipulated by plant contract agreement affecting contract termination.

Traffic volume in a market

Continuity Discount
Reduction in space rates through the continuation of contract duration.

Artwork displayed on an outdoor unit.

Number of vehicles in a target market area (DMA or MSA) and the time they are on the road.

Cost Per Thousand. The cost of reaching one thousand advertising exposure opportunities in a market.

Daily Impressions
See DEC (Daily Effective Circulation)

Daily Effective Circulation. The average number of potential viewer impressions generated by vehicles during each campaign day of 9 - 10
hours drive time.

Demographic Profiles
Audience breakdowns based on various characteristics such as as age, sex, income and education.

Display Period
The interval of exposure when an outdoor advertising campaign is viewed.

Designated Market Area. A clearly defined geographic area used to establish a standard measure for population statistics and analysis. Non
overlapping DMA's cover the entire country.  

Department of Transportation. Official agency of the federal, state or city governments which regulates and studies traffic flow, and issues
statistics on the same. DOT studies are the basis of most DEC's audited by the Traffic Audit Bureau.  

Represents the reasonable opportunities for advertising to be seen and read.

The addition of copy outside the restraints of a bulletin or premiere panel face. Sometimes referred to as cut-outs.

Flex Face Vinyl
Also known as non-adhesive vinyl. Vinyl substrate that is applied to the truck by use of a four-sided framing system.

The average number of times that an individual is exposed to an outdoor advertising message during each campaign month.  

Gross Impressions
The sum of impressions registered against a target audience based on a GRP level of days or weeks in a schedule.  

Gross Rating Point. Represents the percentage of the population that will see your ad per day in a specific city. Also known as a showing.  

An outdoor unit equipped with lighting that provides night time illumination of an advertising message, usually from dusk until midnight.

Is a term used by all media to quantify the number of people who have an opportunity to see an ad in a given time.  

Live Area
Marking area of the vinyl substrate used in outdoor advertising.  

Location List
A listing of all locations included in a specific outdoor program.

Metropolitan Statistical Area. A clearly defined geographic area used to establish a standard measure for population statistics and analysis.
Defined by the US Government and represents the commercial core of an economic region.  

Out of Home
All advertising that is specifically intended to reach consumers outside the home. Out of home includes, but is not limited to, outdoor media and

Outdoor Advertising
The term refers to many forms of media that carry advertising messages to consumer audiences outside the home. Outdoor products are
divided among three primary categories: billboards, street furniture, and transit.  

Professional Decal Applicator's Association  

Pressure Sensitive Vinyl
Also known as non-adhesive vinyl. Vinyl substrate backed with adhesive glue that is applied to the truck with heat by PDAA installers.

Proof of Performance
Certification by an Out of Home company that contracted advertising services have been rendered.  

The percent of a target audience exposed to an advertising message at least once during a specified period of time. Reach is normally
measured over four-week periods. Common to all media. See Example Showing See: Gross Rating Point (GRP)

Traffic Audit Bureau. The official national authority for circulation authentication of outdoor advertising. It is a third-party, independent
organization supported by advertisers, advertising agencies and media owners, and applies statistically reliable counting procedures.

Target Audience
The profile of most desired consumer prospects for a product or a service, listed by characteristics such as demography, lifestyle, brand, or
media consumption, purchase behavior, etc.  

Transit advertising displays are affixed to moving vehicles or in the common areas of transit terminals and stations. Transit displays include,
but are not limited to, bus panels, train/ rail panels, airport panels, taxi panels, and mobile advertising signage (trucks).  

An outdoor unit with a slatted face that allows three different copy messages to revolve at intermittent intervals.

Total Rating Point. Also called GRP. The term refers to the total number of impressions delivered by a media schedule expressed as a
percentage of a market population. Also known as showings.  
Paintings & Illustrations by Artist Ed Peahota L.L.C.

© Copyright 2007 - 2019
Edward Peahota's art
talent has taken him
many places he is
constantly evolving and
his newest and latest
adventure will be a
speed painting show
that will include an
exciting exhibition with
live music,whether you
need a pictorial painted
in your home  or on a
structure Ed Peahota's
art work speaks for itself
Acrylic paint on Canvas
Water Color paint on Canvas
Acrylic paint on Canvas
Acrylic paint on Canvas
Acrylic paint on Canvas
Pencil Drawing on paper
Self Portrait Acrylic paint on Canvas
Oil paint on Canvas
Mixed Media on Canvas
Mixed Media on Canvas
Aquacote on Vinyl
Pencil Drawing on paper
Oil paint on Canvas
Oil paint on Canvas
Oil paint on Canvas
Aquacote on Vinyl
Aquacote on Canvas
Oil on Canvas
Speed Painting Rehearsal
Painting Billboard on the
Walt Witman Bridge
Aquacote on Vinyl 4' x 5'
Live on Stage Wildwood Boardwalk May 28, 2011